Family therapy is a therapeutic approach that involves a psychologist meeting with either the entire family, or part of the family system. The rationale involves recognizing that therapeutic issues are often bigger than any one person. Families typically work as a fluid and functional unit as they respond to the 'pushes and pulls' triggered by the thoughts, feelings, and actions of its individual members. Most of the time, we do not even realize it happening which is why it can sometimes be helpful to have a 3rd party clinician involved. While family systems almost always find a stable equilibrium, the patterns of functioning can be at times unhealthy or unbalanced. A family therapist or psychologist therefore works collaboratively with the family to identify and change problematic relational patterns or family issues.

I may also work with whole or parts of the family to deal with issues that impact more than one person. This may include for example, coping with parental separation or divorce, illness or disability within the family, or dealing with the loss of a loved one.